Partnering with local businesses to keep Southlake healthy and safe.

Southlake Safe Business Pledge

Businesses that choose to adopt this pledge will be included in our Southlake Safe business directory, with a revolving feature highlighting a different local establishment periodically. Participating businesses will also receive a Southlake Safe Pledge Kit, which includes PPE essentials like face masks, a digital thermometer, hand sanitizer, and a Southlake Safe decal to display on your storefront.

As a business, we pledge to value the health of our customers and employees by:

Committing to Excellence:
Our standards of care will include:
– Proactive consideration of customer needs, anticipating how they interact with us and what we should do to provide a user-friendly but safe environment
– An emphasis on improved cleaning and sanitation procedures that are supported by adequate supplies and staffing
– Implementing practices that encourage physical distancing
– Encouraging the use of masks by customers and requiring masks for employees who have routine and regular interaction with members of the public and for others where practical
– Encouraging and promoting respiratory etiquette and hand washing
– Utilizing screening protocols that include self-reporting and temperature checks prior to and during shifts to make sure that our employees are not coming to work if they feel sick or if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19

Operating with Integrity:
– We will ensure that this pledge is honored by our leadership, management and employees and the standards we are committing to will stand up under scrutiny
– We are transparent with our customers and employees about the public health measure we are taking now and in the future
– The safety of our employees and customers will remain a priority when making business decisions

Pursuing Innovation:
– We are committed to continuous improvement and will regularly evaluate practices to understand effectiveness and identify additional measures to implement as the situation continues to evolve
– We are committed to sharing successful and innovative health-related practices with others in the Southlake business community

Being Accountable:
– We follow the minimum recommended standards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State of Texas for my operations and industry
– We will comply with public health orders issued by state and local governments
– Where applicable, our operations align with industry-specific recommendations from trade associations and regulatory authorities

Supporting our Team:
– We support the safety and health of our team members by providing the proper protective equipment, promoting heightened sanitation, and making sure team members have the training necessary to work safely
– We have well-defined screening procedures and protocols for employees who may be ill or who have been exposed and encourage employees who feel sick to stay home
– We have developed policies and procedures for employees to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
– We require employees to self -monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID -19
– We regularly provide workers with up-to-date education and training on COVID-19 risk factors

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